Bail Information

About Information Bail Bonds

As a 24-hour bail bond service located minutes from Downtown Las Vegas, we are dedicated to helping the customer whenever trouble arises.

We do our part and help the client get back on their feet! The client agrees to do their part by going to their court dates and following the due process of the law.

Information Bail Bonds is very different from other Las Vegas, NV Bail Bonds companies, our knowledge of the bail system details and the empathy,compassion we show towards our clients.

We do know the serious of our clients situation. We really try and do everything we can to help you through those trying times and the Bail Bonds processes.

Best of all we Get Your Loved One Out of Jail ... ASAP!

Newest Standard Bail Schedule

Justice Court, Las Vegas Township - Effective - September 1st, 2012

DUI & Misdemeanors

*DUI: $2,000
*DUI 2nd: $5,000
*Battery/Domestic violence: $3,000
*Battery/Domestic violence 2nd: $5,000
*All other misdemeanors: $1,000

Attempted Murder

*Battery/Domestic Violence – Resulting in substantial bodily harm (No DW) or committed by strangulation or 3rd offense: $15,000

*DUI resulting in death or substantial bodily harm: No bail – set in court

Other Felonies- No Bail In Court

*All other Category A Felonies: No bail – set in court
*All other Category B Felonies: $20,000
*All other Category C Felonies*: $10,000
*All other Category D and E Felonies: $5,000

The Quick Overview of the Nevada Bail Bonds Process

Bail Bonds in Las Vegas Nevada are easy to setup, if you know what to do. By engaging Hot Rod Bail Bonds, the guesswork and stress over a bail bond is virtually eliminated.

Our top-notch staff is fully knowledgeable of bail bond intricacies, the hard part of finding knowledgeable and qualified bail bondsmen is taken care of.

Some form of collateral will need to be brought along as a leverage for the client’s agreement for the law, and 15% of the total bond as well. That 15% is nonrefundable. This serves as the premium going towards the total bill. Once the case is resolved, the collateral is voided, and the other 85% of the total bail is waived. Thus, the total cost is significantly lowered and your the stress and pressure is gone.