The Las Vegas Jail System is crowded

The Las Vegas jail system is overcrowded and people are getting released without posting bail. This may occur when somebody is in jail for the 1st time and has no prior arrest record.

The fastest way to get out of jail is to post bail. It may save up to 24 hours on a person’s release time.

There are many benefits of bailing out of fail compared to waiting to see a judge for a release decision. When a person post bail, he or she will get a new court date set and it will give the person time to put their defense to the charge together.

Another benefit is that a person will get out with the standard beal amount predetermined rather than waiting for a review that may cause the judge to raise the bail to a higher amount.

84 percent of people that post bail end up with a reduced sentence compared to those that sit in jail and wait it out.






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